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The Serene Haven started in the city of Tema, Ghana, a city well renowned for having the best addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers across Africa. It is a center for total rehabilitation, mental health wellness and drug addiction recovery for people facing addictions of any kind. The human Resource team that came from Tema to establish the Abuja center consists of highly skilled individuals who are professional counselors and administrators experienced in the field of addiction recovery process and mental health treatments. Addiction recovery is a process, not a one-off program. The Serene Haven is designed to help patients recover fully over a period of time. Our institution understands that addiction recovery takes time, but with the help of our experienced team, the process becomes swift and the expected results are seen within a few months after the program begins. Our center also offers a family therapy and guidance program for the families and caregiver of our residents. This program enables family members and caregivers to learn the right approach and techniques in assisting their loved ones who are facing mental health challenges and drug addiction. Our resource team includes in-house qualified psychiatric doctors and nurses, clinical psychologists, professional counselors, mental health consultants, and caregivers. Our facility offers medically assisted detoxification to set our residents on the path to medical and psychological recovery. We also provide interesting activities to help engage the facility residents and aid in their recovery process. Our facility is fully secured with security personnel and is equipped with CCTV Surveillance. We have 24/7 power supply and a serene environment that aids the total recovery process. The Serene Haven is indeed an institution that offers calmness to the troubled mind and a holistic recovery of the total man.

  • 100%   Psychiatric Doctors and Nurses
  • 100% Clinical Psychologists
  • 100% Professional Counselors
  • 100% Mental Health Consultants, and Caregivers
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Always ready for your total rehabilitation, mental health wellness and drug addiction recovery for people facing addictions of any kind.

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Technology has become an invaluable tool in the field of addiction treatment, revolutionizing the way we approach and address substance use disorder. This integration of technology has opened up new avenues for treatment, support, and recovery. At Serene Haven, we will leverage technology to combat addiction and drug abuse

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